Amazon Gold Box Deals (6PM)

Dinner time finally offers up the penultimate deal of the day. Nice word, but without meaning if I count wrong as in my last deal post!

Fallout 3 Collector’s Edition
Gold Box Price: $45.98 (Amazon $59.99). I am sorely tempted to pick this one up. Temptation is calling. Only two things are holding me back. First, I have already spent a ton of money today between my seven year-old’s birthday festivities, and a couple of other video game projects (teaser for check back here tomorrow). Second, I don’t think I really need the collector’s edition. If I look at it that way, this is not that much of a discount.

I am going to think about it and check back later.


One thought on “Amazon Gold Box Deals (6PM)”

  1. I decided to hold off on this one for a while … at least until it makes it to Greatest Hits status. These days I am much more selective in my gaming purchases. No more Metal Gear Solid purchases that stay in the shrinkwrap, or completely unfinished games. I do not have to have Fallout 3 day one, or even when it is still fairly new. It is more or less the same with most games these days. Selective day one preorders and purchases here and there are a different matter.

    This deal sold out quick. I think in less than 60 minutes, so it is a good thing I am not feeling some remorse for holding out a few months longer.

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