Falcons Blow

Oct 20th I wrote that if you looked at Atlanta’s remaining schedule, they better figure out some things in a hurry, because they were going to go 9-7 at best:

I hope they get it figured out soon, because the Falcons’ remaining schedule is brutal. The Falcons are capable of wins against Detroit, Cleveland, Washington, and Tampa Bay. I do not think they will beat Baltimore, New Orleans, Dallas, Carolina, or Philadelphia. That would put their record at 7-7, with Pittsburgh and Cincinnati as swing games. It could get ugly in a hurry.

Funny. I thought Pittsburgh and Cincinnati were important games; turns out they were important wins since ATL has now taken it on the chin three games in a row – Detroit, Cleveland, and Baltimore all made the Falcons look pretty bad. Now the Falcons stand at 5-5, with wins looking increasingly few and far between. I still think they should beat Washington and Tampa Bay, but the rest is downright iffy. So we are still taking about a 7-9 campaign, which makes for a major ouch.


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