Madden 10 countdown: Amazon shipped earlier this afternoon.

Received an email from Amazon earlier today. Madden has shipped and is due to arrive tomorrow. Of course I will be at work, but that is besides the point.


2 thoughts on “Madden 10 countdown: Amazon shipped earlier this afternoon.”

  1. I did the preorder from Amazon.

    Received an email saying they’ve put $5 credit to be used at that MP3 store?

    It was suppose to be $10 credit for anything?

  2. Just got home from work … ate supper … had a beer … responding to this post … waiting for kids to go to bed so I can crack open Madden.

    I have not received anything yet, but normally I get offers a few days after something ships. It should have been a $10 gift card, not a $5 MP3 store credit.

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