Running like a fool.

That would be. Now that I restarted my running program, I decide it was time to get some serious running shoes. Enter a pair of Mizuno Wave® Ronin™ 2 ordered from zappos.

Speaking of zappos; they have great customer service. They upgraded me to free next day shipping. After trying on the shoes, I thought the size 10.5 were too small, so I called in an exchange order. Those too were shipped next day. Zappos’ customer service is fast, friendly, and they know their products. Back to the shoes …

When I tried on these puppies, my wife started laughing at me. Not good. I figured she thought I looked positively ridiculous in these runners, but it turns out that she was laughing at the pretty shoes strings. I think she wants some of the shiny, reflective silver shoe laces. I may look ludicrous, but I bet I look serious as all get out blazing around the park. At least I think so in my mind. Did I just say that out loud?

I took the new Mizuno Wave® Ronin™ 2 for a spin today, and the first part of the run I thought I was running on clouds. The shoes are light at less than 8oz; springy and responsive. Last Sunday at the two mile checkpoint I clocked myself at 22:20. I know that sucks, but my excuse was that I was only on my 5th run in 8 days, plus there are several damn hill climbs along the way. Today I hit the two mile market at 19:46; pretty impressive time gain. At least I was impressed with myself.

Of course I was winded, so at the top of the next hill I did a four minute recovery walk, followed by another mile run. Still far short of my “running for 5″ playlist goal, but I think I am well on my way.

The only bad news is that several toes on my left foot were blistered pretty good, but I think this may have more to do with my running than the shoes because I blistered a little last weekend.

At any rate, assuming that the new shoes don’t continue to blister my left foot, my wife will take notice of me when I slip into the new magic shoes. Well, she will notice my shoe laces at my expense. Verdict is still out on my $95 running shoes. Will update after my Saturday and Sunday runs.

Time to reward myself with a Miller Lite or three.


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