Browsers statistics for those that like math.

I thought this was an interesting article about browser adoption. Even if it is European centric, it shows some interesting insights into the browser market.

“On an average basis, IE remains the dominant browser globally, according to Net Applications. However, the market share was 66.82%, the lowest level for IE in about a decade. Firefox marches on and came in at 22.05%, the highest number published by the market research firm so far. Safari climbed back up to 8.23%, after having dropped to 8.05% in February, and Google’s Chrome continued to gain slightly to 1.23%. For the month, IE was down 0.62 percentage points, Firefox up 0.28 points, Safari up by 0.21 points and Chrome up by 0.08 points. We will leave the Opera browser out of consideration in this article, as its share has always remained between 0.69% and 0.75% over the past year and has not shown substantial gains or losses. Its current share is estimated at 0.71%.”

My family is pretty much exclusive to FireFox and Opera, except for those sites that demand IE. I have not played around much with Chrome, and while Safari is available on Vista, I have never given it a go. The article goes on to show some trends for weekdays (IE6 is popular in the business world), weekend (drop off of 4% of IE6), and points out that IE is better adopted in the US.


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