Reeves OC in San Fran?

Can this end well? I have tremendous respect for Dan Reeves, as a football player and a coach. His character is beyond reproach. But making him the offensive coordinator for the 49ers is f’ing ridiculous.

I like old school, conservative, smash mouth football as much as anyone, but this is just not going to work. I could almost (almost) see Reeves coming back as a head coach, but as an offensive coordinator?

You have to wonder WTF Singletary is thinking. I know Singletary is conservative, but good grief. There is conservative and then there is Reeves.

Frank Gore is going to be in heaven. Gore left; Gore right; Gore up the center. And you know Reeves is going to pull for drafting a blocking TE three out of the next five years, so Gore is going to rack up a boat load of yards. Hell, hiring Reeves is so damn out there that it just may work. If the 49ers can get some decent QB play, then Singletary is going to look like an f’ing genius until the next time he decides to drop his pants.

Nah, who am I kidding? There is no way this can end well, can it? I bet the 49ers fan base is groaning with the possibilities of Reeves at the helm of the offense. Of course I wish Reeves well, but this one is completely in left field.


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