PSP goes digital with comics

I thought it was interesting to see that the PSP now offers some sort of digital comic reader application, with the PSP store currently offering 550 comics.

SCEA has announced that all PSP owners can now select from hundreds of digital comics on the PlayStation Network; included in the gigantic list are the likes of Marvel Entertainment, Disney, IDW Publishing, iVerse Media and more. There are a grand total of 550 comics now available on the Store and more content will continue to be added weekly.

Once upon a time I was a fairly big comic collector and avid reader, but I cannot see the switch to digital format. I don’t know, maybe I am just too damn traditional in some respects, but comics seem to be one media where things are not better without the traditional paper format. Digital would be interesting for archival purposes, and read hard to find comics, back catalogs, and expensive collectables. The price point ($.99-2.99) does not seem like a big advantage to what I see over the newsstands, which is rather irksome. Much like games, digital distribution of any media should be significantly cheaper than the traditional format.

A reader comment also mentioned that DC comics are not being offered, which seems to be a limiting factor – how can you not have Superman in your library?


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