Who dem Texans?

If you want a blueprint on how to build a winning team, just take a look at the Houston Texans these past two seasons. Start with the defense, fix problems with your offense, and sit back while the wins start piling up.

Also, listen to nothing any idiot on ESPN or any other sports show says about your draft choices.

I could call out quite a few people to eat crow about the Bush, Young, or Williams debate. There is no way shape or form that drafting Reggie Bush made sense for the Texans. Anybody that actually followed the team and watched them every Sunday could tell you that. Vince Young is a more interesting discussion, but Houston wanted to see if David Carr was going to be a franchise QB. So they drafted the best defensive player available that fit their most glaring need.

Williams is playing like Super Mario this season.

Thank you, oh thank you Atlanta for Matt Schaub. He is exactly what David Carr was not – cool under pressure, makes great decisions, and doesn’t lose games for you. Houston did need a running back, they did NOT need Bush, and they got Mr. Green. A punishing back that can carry the load, he has been worth every penny invested so far this season.

I’ve been forced to watch the Texans for over two years now and I have the same feeling when I witnessed Jacksonville turn the corner. Except this time, the Texans have an awesome offense that can put up 35 every game.

I was pretty excited last week, but waited to see them again before writing anything. I’ve seen enough. First time the Texans are 2-0 in franchise history!


One thought on “Shhh!”

  1. Chris, I guess I was one of the idiots last year saying that the Texans made a bad move. It looked bad last year not taking Bush or Young, but so far this year it looks very good.

    As far as Schaub goes, I miss him. I had disaster written all over that trade from the get go.

    The good news for me is that as an ATL fan, I cannot stand the Saints, so I do not want Bush to help them win. As a native Texan, I can always pull rank and say that I wanted this all along. 😉

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