Falcons host the Rams

Off to the game in a few minutes, and keeping my fingers crossed for a Falcons victory, a Carolina loss at the hands of the hated Saints, and a home playoff game.

It should be fun scoreboard watching, but I am a little worried about the Falcons own game. Not because the Rams are any good; they are not, they suck. Atlanta is favored by 14.5, so this is a game they should not only win, but they should win big. Hope all the playoff excitement does not go to their heads.

New Orleans plays host to Carolina today; Panthers are favored by three. I can only hope that New Orleans wants to crash the Panthers playoff party, and Brees goes after Marino’s single season passing yards record. The Saints have nothing to play for, so I do not see them winning, but one can hope.

Not planning to tailgate today; looks to be poor weather in Atlanta with rain and thunderstorms ruling the day. The boys are excited because they get to wear their new Ryan and Norwood jerseys. Should be a good time, except for the $7 beer.

Happy Sunday!


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