Saturday Update – Resistance, Gaming Violence, and the Braves Still Suck Wind

My namesake turned five yesterday, and we survived another family birthday party. It is always an adventure when we get my family and Tonya’s family together. Lots of fun. I am always left with the need for a stiff drink, but I digress. It is hard to believe that I have been blessed with three wonderful boys – Joshua (8), Nathan (5) and Joseph (5 months).

I am now on day six, post-op. The good news is that I think things are finally improving; I am dwindling down the number of pain pills I pop on a daily basis and I am starting to just feel sore instead of hurt. So that is something positive. The bad news is that I do not feel normal yet. I had to go into the office for an hour yesterday, which did not help my situation, and we had to entertain last night (for Nathan’s birthday party), which also did not do me any favors. All in all, I think I am on the mend. I know one thing; it has been a heck of a long week.

The Braves did not score again last night. I am not sure how many innings that makes, but Atlanta has been shutout three games in a row (4-0 Boston, 11-0 Boston, and 5-0 Detroit). Ouch. Chipper, where are you my friend? As I wrote yesterday, if Chipper cannot stay in the lineup and if Andruw does not break out of his season long slump, it is going to be one long miserable summer in A-Town.

Last week I wrote about Manhunt 2 and gaming violence; I just thought the flying testicles was a little too over the top. Apparently Bill Harris and I were on the same page, because he also wrote about the same thing with a slightly different spin. Bill’s assertion was that the developers were going after a AO rating to whip up some publicity and to help generate enough interest to get sales up. Apparently he was right; re: his follow-up from a couple of days ago:

“There you go. Don’t tell me Take-Two didn’t know you couldn’t release “AO” content on the Wii. They knew, and they also knew what “pliers ripping testicles” action would get rated.”

Good stuff. This one was just a little too over the top; I cannot believe that Take-Two actually submitted the game, but I guess any publicity is good publicity. If this makes the mainstream news, I am sure the tactics will be considered mission accomplished.

I spent a little time with Resistance yesterday, and I continue to be impressed with the game. Too bad I suck at it, but I do, even on easy mode. I cannot get past the fact that this one cost me $60 (plus tax); I just do not think I will get my money’s worth from this one. If I paid $19.99, I would not keep mentioning the price of the game.

Things I like about the game – graphics, story, environment (attention to detail and weapons as machine guns and tanks), enemy AI, and an overwhelming sense of hopelessness (probably because I suck).

If Resistance had some sort of auto-lock or auto-aim feature, it would be a lot easier for me. It would also help if you could pick up some health capsules (forget what they are called) and store them for later use. I am sure the developers made this game for FPS experts; not for newbie FPS gamers such as myself. I keep thinking I will sell this one on eBay, but there is a certain satisfaction in trying to advance the story. Maybe I will try it online this weekend, even getting slaughtered could be fun.

All for now. On deck – more F1CE updates (evolution and career mode comments), and Official PlayStation 3 Blue Tooth remote. Maybe even a rare weekend appearance by Chris? All this and more could be yours – come back soon, you will be glad you did.


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