Beeman R7 Pellet Tests

After getting a lot of advice from the gang at the Straight Shooters Forum, I decided to run through my collection of pellets to see which ones my R7 truly enjoys. I think the results show that any “getaway tree rats” are my fault, not the fault of the R7. It seems that my little Beeman shoots pretty much everything well.

R7 Pellet Shoot

Beeman R7 in action …

There were a couple of exceptions. The Gamo Match pellets, Beeman Silver Bear, and Beeman H&N Match pellets all contained at least one flier.

Some grouped better than others, but the Crosman Premier Light pellets were easily the best, followed by Gamo Hunter and Beeman Laser-Sport pellets.

Hands down, Beeman Crow-Magnum pellets were the worst of the bunch.

  • Row 1: Gamo Match, Gamo Magnum, Gamo Master Point, Gamo Hunter
  • Row 2: Beeman Silver Sting, Beeman Laser-Sport, Beeman Silver Bear, Beeman H&N Match
  • Row 3: Beeman Silver Ace, Beeman Trophy Lightweight Round Nose
  • Row 4: Beeman Crow-Magnum, Crosman Premier Light, Beeman Ram Jet, Beeman Kodiak Match

I shot groups of 10 pellets from a rested, windowsill position, at about 17 yards, in slightly windy conditions, with gusts of 5-10 mph.

For more detailed pictures, see R7 Pellets (large picture), Crosman Premier Lights, and Gamo Hunter.

All in all, a fun shoot, interesting test, and one great airgun!


2 thoughts on “Beeman R7 Pellet Tests”

  1. Good work….be aware that sometimes a single flier can be a fluke, don’t dismiss a pellet too soon based on just that…come back to it and try it again later….TV

  2. I agree about the fliers, I just thought it was interesting, and worth mentioning, that only a few of the pellets were fliers.

    I am very happy with my groups. The the only thing I could do better to bring them in more is to put the R7 on a bench with some sand bags.

    I think this is why the squirrels have not been around the last couple of days.

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