Falcons 2008 Season Predictions

Atlanta FalconsBefore I head to the game, I thought I would offer up my predictions. I have divided the games into three categories: wins, losses, toss ups (week number).

  • Wins: Kansas City (3), Oakland (9), Denver (11), St. Louis (17)
  • Losses: Tampa Bay (2), Carolina (4), Green Bay (5), Chicago (6), Philadelphia (8), San Diego (13), New Orleans (14), Tampa Bay (15), Minnesota (16)
  • Toss Ups: Detroit (1), New Orleans (10), Carolina (12)

So it is not going to be a pretty season. Unlike last year, the team is realistic about rebuilding, but it is still going to be a difficult year. I only see four wins on the schedule, with three toss up type games, which I am going to give the Falcons because they are home games. Atlanta should get better down the stretch, but they do not have an easy December. New Orleans, Tampa Bay, and Minnesota are going to be playoff teams (or at least fighting for a Wild Card spot), while St. Louis may be in the same boat if things fall into place for them.

I am not disappointed that I have spent money for season tickets in what is sure to be a painful year, but I am sure my boys are going to get tired of watching their Falcons fall in defeat. The boys will be happy if they get McDonalds for their tailgate meals, and get to throw around a football some with dad.

I am still looking forward to a fun (the game day experience) year.

Go Falcons!


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