Falcons win! Falcons win!

Atlanta FalconsIt may not have been pretty, but the Falcons reached the playoffs with a 24-17 win on the road against Minnesota! Simple incredible. Who would have predicted this? Certainly not me.

This weekend all the breaks have fallen in Atlanta’s favor. The Ravens took down the Cowboys. The Chargers defeated the Buccaneers. And the Redskins just took care of the Eagles.

I wonder if the Falcons have any shot at the NFC South title? I am not sure what happens if the Giants win over the Panthers, but if they do, and they fall the falling week to the Saints, can Atlanta steal the top spot? Carolina probably has some sort of crazy tie breaker, but one can dream. Besides, I do not want to get too greedy. I am happy with making the playoffs, even as a wild card.

The Falcons are in the playoffs!


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