Its Saturday Morning Stuffs Time!

Coming at you fast, furious, and with half the verbosity.

First up, last night I download the Super Stardust HD Team Expansion. It was $4.99, but I have read that a couple of articles that hint that somehow it is included with release 4.0. Not sure WTF that means except that I may have just spent 5 unnecessary duckets.

Super Stardust HD multiplayer

Are you kidding? 4 player slowdown for $4.99?

I am looking forward to split screen, but not looking forward to the slowdown that is apparently present in the new multiplayer modes.

Next up is Remote Play. I still cannot get it to work correctly, but since it worked once, there is hope that it will work again. The PS3 is not automagically turning on, and then disabling Remote Play Start, but the handy-dandy Remote Play green light does not always come on if I turn the PS3 off (and then on) using the power switch on the back of the system. Router settings? Firmware settings? Not sure where to turn next.

Speaking of remote play, it is a total travesty that Qore is not Remote Play enabled. Why not? Seems like a perfect way to take this video magazine on the go. Hell, why not stream it to the PSP to take advantage of its pretty wide screen?

The fleecing of America continues. What is the world coming to when a Belgian company can come in and swoop up the King of Beers? With the sale of Anheuser-Busch to InBev is complete, Pabst Brewing Company will be the largest American brewery. That’s right, this PBR is for you.

PRB Logo

Support Pabst.

Drink American owned beer!

Finally we move on to NCAA Football 09, the release of which is riddled with enough bugs to be considered a complete goat fuck. Seriously, this OS NCAA Football 09 gameplay thread says it all.

I am going to save further NCAA Football 09 comments for a later post.

Now featuring 15 days of consecutive posting. That has got to be the most for me since the Golden Days of yore. Happy Saturday!


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