PS3 2.40 firmware debacle ends with release of version 2.41.

Sony PlayStation LogoI missed all the fun and festivities around the release of the 2.40 firmware. Of course it was release during my dry spell, but apparently several users experienced serious issues when they applied the 2.40 update. I know I would be seriously pissed if my PS3 became unusable unless I sent it back to Sony or reformatted my HDD.

Shortly before I left for work this morning I read that the 2.41 update was available. Of course if I could get my PSP and PS3 to remote play nicely, I could have already initiated a download, but I digress.

I am installing 2.41 as I write this, so I have not checked out all the wonderful new features such as in-game XMB access, custom soundtracks, and trophies. Since I cannot get my iTunes AAC files to work on my PS3, I doubt I will worry that much about custom soundtracks. I have no idea which games will have trophies (much less how they will work), but I have read in multiple places, include a post from wco81, that Super Stardust HD will be patched very quickly to include trophies.

[Quick Edit #1: 2.41 update just completed its install, and I am now downloading the 4.0 patch to Super Stardust HD. Trophies to follow?]

[Quick Edit #2: 2.41 update is still installing. PSXExtreme is reporting that Sony plans to fix any systems that were “bricked” by the bad firmware included in 2.40.]

[Quick Edit #3:  I earned my first Trophy (a bronze one for completing the first level in arcade mode – Hero of Lave).  So I guess that means I can call it a day.]


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