Scary Stuff

Here’s a reason to be a bit worried about ATM/Debit cards. Ouch!

My hunter is up to level 59, so the end of the tunnel is near. I’ve started a Dwarf rogue, and he’ll be my primary leveling-up character after I get the hunter to 60. World of Warcraft is now the number one drain on my free time, of all time. Yes, even more than Out of the Park Baseball. I’m going to quit some OOTP leagues to free up even more WoW play time.

The site continues to be very quiet, but we’re still here. I’ll try to post at least once a week, but I am sure that activity will increase when Out of the Park Baseball 2006 is released. In the Johnson world, now is the time for playing games as opposed to writing about them.

I haven’t even picked up Civilization IV since I did an initial install and decided to wait for the patch.


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