Good Smith? Bad Smith?

I do not know enough about Mike Smith to have an opinion, but it is obvious that opinions vary. First, from we get the “good Smith”

“Although the group that Jack Del Rio assembled in Jacksonville featured five former NFL or college head coaches, Smith was arguably the staffer most responsible for the franchise’s success over the past half-decade.”

Next the Macon Telegraph gives us the “bad Smith”

“Leftwich said Smith would never receive enough credit in Jacksonville because many assumed Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio, a former defensive coordinator, was the real mastermind of the defense.

Jaguars defensive end Marcellus Wiley confirmed that opinion when he said on ESPN Wednesday, “Jack Del Rio was the defensive coordinator, and if it wasn’t him, it was (linebacker) Mike Peterson.”

After the Bobby Petrino disaster (3-10 and out), new GM Thomas Dimitroff cannot do any worse with Mike Smith than the 2007 Petrino train wreck. The Falcons are assembling an interesting staff. First you have a defensive head coach, and “I am a college guy” Brian VanGorder is back with the Falcons’s as defensive coordinator after a month sabbatical with the Gamecocks. New offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey looks to be a good hire. He had good success as Pittsburgh’s a few years ago, and he brings head coaching experience to the staff.

I hope what appears to be a somewhat conservative staff, brings a conservative draft. Going after a QB with in the first round is not what this team needs. The Falcons have gaping holes on the offensive line, they need a bruising running back that can pound the ball, they could use more depth on the defensive line, and the secondary is a little suspect. Unless the Falcons are sure to get a sure fire Hall of Fame QB with the first pick, there is no need to take a chance on the QB position early in the draft. They should look towards the second, third, or fourth rounds for a QB. Should be interesting to see how it plays out.


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