Saturday Ramblings (finally, a gaming edition)

Today I actually broke out the PS3 for something other than Blu-ray deliciousness, spending some quality time with Super Stardust HD.  Hard to believe that with the PS3 price point, a fairly cheap PSN game gets the majority of my attention.  Oh well.  Maybe the PS3 groove will make it back at some point.  I did download a few demos to try out tomorrow, but for now I do not have an inclination to throw $60 at a new PS3 game.

Speaking of PS3 games, I just dumped NCAA Football 2008 on eBay for $29; not bad considering that it is now $39.99 new at most retail stores.  The game was fun for a few weeks, but ultimately it was fairly forgettable.  Maybe 2009 will be the “it” game for me.

While I was messing around the PS3, I noticed that the newest version of Folding@Home allows you to play your own music, and more importantly, it will power off your PS3 when it finishes its current protein.  I may do a few more folds knowing that my PS3 will not run all night (or day).  “Set it and forget it” mode was a pretty smart addition.

The Wii has been a huge hit with the kids, especially my oldest son.  Lots of Madden 2008, Wii Sports, Wii Play, and Mario Galaxy.  Since the Wii is setup in the kids’ room, I have not had must time with some of the games.  It is kind of hard to get any gaming in when I have free time because the kids are fast asleep.

I have played a little Madden with the advance controls, and honestly, it is pretty fun.  I thought it would be more of a gimmick, but most of the motion invoked moves are fairly natural (or at least easy to execute).  A few years ago I would have kept a close watch on the game’s statistical engine, but I really have not played enough to comment.  I will say that my oldest son took the Falcons to a perfect season using the Family control mode, gradually increasing the difficulty settings from rookie to pro to all-pro.  My son is certainly not a student of the game, so going undefeated with the Falcons should tell you all you need to know about the simulation aspects of the game.

The funny thing about the Wii is that my 70 something year old step father spent a few minutes with Wii Sports playing bowling and baseball and decided he wants a Wii.  Seriously.  My wife also wants me to pick up a couple of extra controllers so the whole family can play.  Score a huge victory for Nintendo.

I have to admit that there is something gratifying about hitting home runs, bowling strikes, and hooking fish (Wii Play).  It really is good stuff.  Sure Wii Sports and Wii Play are not very deep, but they provide gratifying, addictive pick up and play experiences.  I wish I had more time to dive into some of the games.  It is probably a good thing that I decided to put the Wii far away from the living room.

No real updates on the PSP.  I should probably sale it and move on to something else.  Maybe a DS or a good book.

Now that Chris’ IOSBL is defunct, I have not put in any time with OOTPB 2007.  I understand that 2008 is out, but I do not want to just join any random league.  If you enjoy online leagues, you will appreciate that it is hard to find a like minded group of mature baseball enthusiasts.

I am also not sure why I keep giving my money to Blizzard.  I only play WoW a couple of hours a month, which is pretty much a waste of money.  Same song and dance.  I either need to play or cancel my subscription.

All for tonight.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Ramblings (finally, a gaming edition)”

  1. Someone else said the Wii is like Monopoly.

    You have people over for dinner and afterwards, you play Wii Sports. Real casual, easy for anyone to pick up.

    I would add, it’s like charades or Pictionary too, a party game that appeals to everyone.

    A lot of people are content with just playing Wii Sports on it and nothing else.

    Even Wii Fit may not have that kind of reach because obviously fitness games are not conducive to a social gathering.

  2. Wco81 – Monopoly, charades, and Pictionary are all great examples of the Wii’s casual fan success. I bet Nintendo gets a ton of sales on these type of party experiences.

    Success (thus sales) for Nintendo is simple. Spend a few minutes bowling, and start shopping for a Wii the next weekend. “The Wii is still sold out after Christmas, so it must be good.” I have actually heard those comments from several people, including my parents.

    My stepfather has not played a video game with me since our Intellivision Football and Baseball days. The Wii may not be a hardcore (still hate that word) gaming system, but it does not have to be to fill Nintendo’s coffers.

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