Holding off on the PSPgo

For now I have made a decision to hold off on the PSPgo. I have been agonizing over this decision for a while. It came down to two simple points.

Size may matter; so does endurance
My PSP-1001 works fine, and while I would like an upgraded slimed down sexy goddess of portable goodness, there are no overriding advantages of switching to a PSPgo. If the battery life was improved, I think I would make the switch.

Double Jeopardy
Sony has not announced a UMD trade-in or upgrade program. If Sony had a clear strategy for UMD owners to switch to digital content, I would be much more willing to move forward. As it stands now, why would I want to pay full price or darn near close just to play the digital content on the PSPgo?

Waiting Game
I am not in a rush to pick up a PSPgo, but I would like one at some point. For now I will continue to take a wait and see approach. At a minimum I need to take stock of my current UMD library and see which games are keepers, and which ones can be moved. One of the problems with PSP games is that they hold little to no value on eBay, which makes the switch to digital content down the road all the more painful (i.e. expensive). This fact alone makes me feel more comfortable with switching to digital distributions down the road. I am a hoarder (i.e. building a game collection), but I also tend to make liberal use of eBay to move older, unwanted games. For all intents and purposes, the PSPgo brings that practice to a screeching halt, which makes it all the more disappointing that Sony has not announced some sort of pricing incentive for digital over UMD.

Notice that I did not list the $250 price point as an issue. To me that is not the problem; it is the price of going digital that is keeping me from clicking on the shopping chart. A price drop to $200 or a more aggressive bundle is not going to convince me to switch to the PSPgo.

I should have been a girl; I will probably change my mind later today.


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