Condoms for Disks

Do your disks need protection? Ever consider a disk condom? Sounds crazy, but I picked up a 5 pack of d_skin disk protectors last week from Best Buy. Yes, I am supporting the enemy, but it is not my fault that someone gave me a gift card for Christmas, so I am not directly supporting that crap chain.

Anyway, the 5 pack version comes in a little metal canister and cost $5.95 (or maybe $6.95). Each disk slips over the underside of a disk (CD, game disk, DVD, etc), which protects the disk from getting scratches, while allow the laser on your player to read the media.

I picked up a pack because my oldest son does not understand the concept of not scratching his dad’s game disks (especially Need For Speed games). I just put these condoms on the games that Joshua is allowed to play, and then I do not have to worry about his grubby little hands ruining my games.

So far so good; no problems with my original PS2 reading any of these disks, and no new scratches on my games. I wish I would have thought of this; the manufactures have to be making a killing because these condoms probably cost next to nothing to manufacture. In fact, I am willing to bet that the little metal canister cost more than the 5 condoms. Oh well; maybe my day will come.

Highly recommended!



2 thoughts on “Condoms for Disks”

  1. While I’m very careful with my games and don’t let my 4-year old son EVER handle them, I’ve thought about picking up the D-Skin disc protectors but wasn’t sure how well they worked. I’ll have to try them out now.

  2. Jason, like you I am very careful with my games, and my 6-year old is not allowed to handle them. However, my wife often forgets the rule!

    the d_skins work great, and the price is low enough that they provide great "insurance" for frequently played games. I have two packs of these; I put them on the games my son is allowed to play, and the games that I am playing the most right now. That way, when my games are removed in favor of my son’s games, both sets have protection against scratches.

    I also pointed out that I am using an original PS2 – if the skins work well with that unit, they should work well with pretty much any game system! :)

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