College Football Starts Now!

For many college football fans, today is the day that the Lord has made for football goodness. Coaches can now breath a sigh of relief (or anguish) as their unbinding verbal commitments sign on the dotted line. For fans, bragging rights begin, and spring football cannot come fast enough.

Yes, I am talking about National Signing Day. The day when grumpy old men put their hopes and dreams on young men (OK, kids) who officially commit to “their” schools. Yes, National Signing Day has arrived.

I am a huge college football fan, but I have never really pinned my hopes and dreams on signing day. Nor have I ever paid much attention to Spring football. I mean I do follow Georgia and what caliber of recruits they are landing, and what the depth chart looks like. Sure, I do all that, but some people get way out of control. Just look around the Internet – a whole cottage industry has been built around the high school recruiting process.

The fact of the matter is that no one really knows how a recruiting class will turn out until two to three years down the road. An occasional freshman will rise to early stardom, but these “horses” are the exception, not the norm. Besides, just because a school lands a top player does not mean that player will ever step on the playing field. Many recruits may fail to gain academic eligibility, others may grow home sick, and still others may decide to play another spot. It is a risky business pinning hopes and dreams on a recruiting class.

No time for a serious rant today. May your team get plenty of blue chip prospects!


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