Is Madden for the PS3 really that bad?

I have read a lot of harsh comments about this year’s Madden, mostly along the lines of a slow, jittery framerate.  I guess I continue to show my age, and I continue to move towards a more casual gaming experience, because I just do not see this game as being terrible.

Granted, I have only played 10-15 minutes, but a quick play session should be enough to expose all sorts of graphical problems.  Maybe all the framerate issues are for online play, which I typically avoid.

My first impressions are that the graphics look very nice, but certain parts could be better.  The crowd animations are still uninspiring, and the sideline action is rather flat.  The developers also went for a strange fog-like appearance for everything at a distance that is not part of the field of play.  My oldest son asked why it was so cloudy in the Georgia Dome.

If the 360 version is looks 2-3 times better than the PS3 version, then hopefully I have something to look forward to next year (which is probably gives EA’s coffers something to look forward to as well).  If a faster framerate does make a difference, then give me more frames and 1080p.

I had no issues with the controls; they are crisp and responsive.  I have seen a couple of YouTube videos that indicate that at certain points the animations kick in and take control of your player.  I have not seen issues with “mario running” but it looks like some blocking around the pocket may be suspect (oops, just let the guy go and tackle my QB).

Finally, I put Vick on the bench; what a sick SOB.  My oldest son asked “Why is Vick in the game?  I thought he was in jail.”  Sad.


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