Should Have, Would Have, Could Have …

I should be working in the yard. Or maybe catching up on some office work. I would have, but the weather is just too nice (79F right now, partly cloudy sky) to do anything of the sort. I could have gone for a run at the park, although I did go for a nice two mile walk with Tonya at the park this morning (should be worth some brownie points tonight).

Some days are just like that – I should have done something different, I would have done something different if I were not having so much fun being caught up in the moment, and I could have been more productive. Instead I find myself sitting on the deck, laptop in hand (typing this blog entry), drinking a Michelob Ultra Amber, watching the kids play in the yard, getting ready to fire up the grill and throw on some Nathan’s Famous hotdogs. Nice life this of mine; truly blessed.

For some reason I feel like writing today; hell I may even break out a video game tonight just to have something game related to write about tonight or tomorrow morning. Then again, there is a lot of Ultra Amber in the beer … so who knows what sort of path this will take us down.

Tonya has decided that it is high time to get some more blinds for the house. Problem is that the damn things are expensive – because of the age of the house, everything has to be custom made. What did the view out of my kitchen and dining room window provide this afternoon? None other than the nice young thing next door catching some sun, skimpy bikini and all. Not sure why I am even bothering to write this (other than the nice life and blessings and all, and some views are worth describing) because my wife would kick my ass in so many ways if she read the above. Damn blinds are expensive …

I am not much of a college basketball fan, but I will try to catch some of the action tonight. I am starting to get in the mood to catch F1 tomorrow morning (6:30AM EST I think). I guess that is something to get me past the dry season (i.e. no more football).


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