NCAA Football 08 (better with age)

The game is growing on me, now that I am finally starting to pickup (but not yet master) the controls.  After being frustrated a couple of nights ago I took it to the practice field and figured out how to throw the ball.  Apparently the game expects very sensitive use of the PS3 buttons.  A very light tap will lob the ball, gaining some much needed air, while anything else all but ensures a bullet type pass.  I guess practice makes perfect, because I am becoming increasingly successful at the passing the ball.

I just finished up a game as North Texas; I demolished Mississippi State 28-10.  I know the competition was not that great, but it was still a nice victory.  All the scoring took place in the 2nd and 4th quarters.

I took an early 14-0 lead, but on the ensuing kickoff, the Bulldogs run one back for a TD, making the score 14-7.  I accidentally pressed the pitch-out button, causing a fumble.  Oops.  My defense held, forcing the Bulldogs into a 35 yard field goal attempt.  Wide right!  After both teams suffered through three and out series, my punt returner fumbled the ball inside the 10 with 40 seconds left in the half.  Damn.  Comeback API?  I managed to hold the CPU to a field goal, ending the half 14-10.

I managed to pull away in the 4th quarter, thanks to a couple of interceptions.  I wore down the Bulldog defense with a clock controlling ground attack, which allowed me to take a harder than it looked 28-10 victory.

As an example of getting better at passing, I managed to go 13-17, 168 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, good for a 178.8 QB rating.  Six different receivers caught passes, and I managed to avoid being sacked (that is a first).  Mississippi State put up a decent offensive attack, racking up 11 first downs to my 10.  TOP was 9:00 to 11:04 in my favor.  The Bulldogs could not get a decent running game going, and 3 INTs pretty much spelled their demise.

Fun stuff.


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