Madden 09 Countdown (3 days).

Madden 09I was just about to pre-order the Madden 09 Collectors Edition from ebgames, but decided against it because the total price was a shocking $108.58 ($89.99 + $11.49 Next Day Shipping + $7.10 Tax). I decided that I did not need the game next day that bad. Seriously, there was a time and a place where I had to have games on the release day, but it is not like I am doing the Madden Holiday thing.

At any rate I decided to take my shopping pleasures over to Amazon. After all, I have the Prime thing going for me, so next day shipping is cheap (forget the exact amount – something under $4). Plus Amazon does not charge sales tax. The only downside of using Amazon for videogames is that you never get them on release day. Hey, I am sensible; I just talked myself out of needed games on the release day.

Imagine my surprise to see a new shipping option (automatically selected for my happy self): “Release-Date Delivery Aug 12.” That is not the kicker; release-date delivery is free. Wow! You have to love Amazon Prime. I just saved 18.58, which absolutely makes me giddy.

In three days Madden 09 Collectors Edition will show up on my front porch for $89.99. No shipping charges, no tax, no wasted gas going to a brick-and-mortar, no waiting. It is all about me.


2 thoughts on “Madden 09 Countdown (3 days).”

  1. Read that they’re also offering a $10 gift card?

    Or maybe it’s Amazon credit.

    Don’t know if it’s true. Don’t have Amazon Prime.

  2. Wow! That makes a great deal even better. I missed the $10 gift card offer. According to Amazon:

    “Order Madden NFL 09 or Madden NFL 09 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition by August 11, 2008 in our Video Games Store and receive a $10.00 Gift Card*. An email will be sent out on August 31, 2008 and will include the Gift Card and redemption instructions. This offer applies only to the purchase of Madden NFL 09 or Madden NFL 09 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition offered by and does not apply to products sold on our site by third-party merchants or through third-party areas such as Marketplace or Auctions. Limit one per household.”

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