Sony’s Entertainment Strategy

I came across an interesting article about Sony’s strategy with the PS3. Of course Sony has been telling us since day one that the PS3 is not just a gaming console. This article pretty much drives the point home. The bottom line is that Sony is putting all it’s eggs in the Blu-ray basket. Once again, this is nothing new, but it is rather revealing to see the strategy laid out so clearly.

Should PS3 owners be concerned about Sony’s PS3 strategy?

The bottom line: Sony’s PS3 serves multiple Sony goals, only one of which is being the big platform in the the gaming console market. It doesn’t have to outsell the Nintendo Wii or the XBox 360 for it to be successful; it only has to establish itself as a viable high-definition platform for next-generation developers, gamers, and movie watchers.

Another telling point is that Sony’s overall high-def strategy is working.

Sony’s Bravia line recently became the best selling LCD brand on a revenue basis, despite being third on a unit basis.

A couple of months ago I made a decision to purchase a PS3, not because of the current gaming library (as of May 2007), but because I wanted to take advantage of my Sony BRAVIA KDL-40V2500. That is not to say that I only wanted the PS3 for Blu-ray, but it Blu-ray played a significant factor in my purchase decision. At some point I knew the games would come. After reading this article PS3 owners have to wonder what happens to the PS3 if Microsoft and Nintendo decide to reload in 3-4 years with new consoles? Unless Sony can get major market share in a hurry, PS3 owners should be concerned.


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