Gran Turismo HD v1.2 Concept Demo

Earlier this week Sony released a new PS3 firmware update, version 1.82.  After downloading and updating, I decided to see if anything new floated my boat in the PlayStation store, I noticed that the GT HD Concept Demo was listed as version 1.2.  Since my version was 1.16, I decided to download the new version.

I started the download right before I went to bed, and decided to let the download manager run overnight.  The next morning, the download was finished.  My PS3 sites in a small coffee table height entertainment center, with glass front doors, but it is fairly well ventilated, and I always keep the doors open when I the PS3 is being used.  Long story short, there was a decent amount of heat, but the PS3 was not nearly as hot as my charter HD receiver gets.

Moving back to GT HD …

The download was not listed as a patch, so I was curious if I would end up with two versions of the demo.  After running the install, my GT HD v1.16 was replaced by the newer v1.2 update.

I really did not play the v1.16 demo enough to notice what was different in the new version.  I spent about an hour with the game last night, opening all the cars in the normal time trial mode.  The time goals are really pretty easy.  I would assume that even fans of more arcade type games such as Need For Speed or Burnout will easily achieve all the goals.

The graphics are certainly pretty, but after years of playing Gran Turismo, I am not sure that I will be interested in a new version of the game if more cars are not on the track (15 should be the minimum), and the AI has to be improved (no more predetermined rails logic).  Honestly, I can live without damage.  Sure damage would be appreciated, but I think I have experienced enough damage in F1CE to last me a lifetime.


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