Nike stands by their man

The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer picked up an AP story this morning titled “Nike has no plans to drop Vick.” The Humane Society wants Nike to drop Vick has a sponsor. Nike has responded to with the following statement:

“There is no change in the status of the agreement between Nike and football player Michael Vick. He is rightfully presumed innocent and afforded the same due process as any citizen, rather than be tried in the court of public opinion. Nike will continue to monitor the situation, but has nothing further to say at this time.” [Dean Stoyer, Nike spokesperson]

In other words, Vick is still making Nike a pretty penny. Once the court of public opinion turns very negative and sales decline, I bet we will hear Nike change their tune.

The Humane Society responded as follows:

“We recognize that Mr. Vick has not been charged with a crime, but we know that Nike has high standards for its spokespersons.” [President and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States]

The Humane Society pointed out that AirTran Airways ended its relationship with Vick in May, but that may be a little disingenuous. Not to defend Vick, but his contract had already expired, so that is not the same thing as cutting bait, which is how they want Nike to respond to the Vick situation. I think the final straw for AirTran was Vick blaming a missed flight to a Congressional hearing on AirTran. Not really very spokesperson like of Vick.

I think we are all waiting for the smoking gun against Vick. At this point the evidence (that we know of) may be circumstantial, but the other shoe should drop soon enough. Stay tuned.


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