Running in the hood.

This morning I decided that I wanted a change in scenery for my morning run. Instead of doing my usual park run, which is always good for seeing a few hotties, I was a dumbass and decide to take a run through the hood. No, seriously. I figured hitting a few blocks in the hood would give me some extra motivation for time, speed, and distance.

Good grief, little did I know that I was right, and I was in for a real eye opening treat. Right off the bat, one of the locals was working a corner. Of course, I am ignorant and naïve, so at first I did not really realize he was “working,” waiting for potential buyers. By the time I looped around the block, he was on the opposite corner, talking to a fellow in truck.

As the truck pulled away, I the dude asked me a couple of times if I need some weed. Let’s be honest, and all it for what it is. I did not really expect a local to be working the corners, much less making me an offer for a smoke. Sunday morning … offered a lefty? Seriously? No joke.

The same sort of scene repeated itself a few blocks over. Two dudes this time. Understand I am not really scared, but starting to get a little nervous. Kind of like bad idea jeans. No harm no foul, but another offer, and the adrenaline kicked in. Needless to say after a head-knob and a “w-sup,” I was flying.

A hood run was the perfect “get up and go” for getting back in a routine. There was no way on God’s green Earth that I was going to slow down, stop and rest. Doubt I will do that again anytime soon, but what a rush!


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