Eye candy? Girl gaming gone bad.

Possible content warning for younger readers. I just came across what has to be the worst site ever (or damn near close to the worst ever) – gadgetcandy.com; tag line is “because girls love gadgets too.” Maybe so, but I do not see how this site will help the cause. Two samples of rubbish from the above link follow

“While the Xbox 360 is content to be middle-of-the-road, and Nintendo’s Wii oozes simple-minded fun from every pore, PS3 is the console of choice for the person who wants their gaming with a hefty side-order of multimedia.”

“Of course, buying a console and not playing games on it is like buying a car just for the cigarette lighter, so you’ll be pleased to hear that the current titles don’t disappoint.”

Come again? You can thank baby Joseph for your late night (or early morning – 4:30AM Sunday morning right now) reading pleasure.


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