Sunday Stuffs

It is Sunday morning, so that can only mean one thing; it is time for more stuffs!

  • With each passing day, the Vick dogfighting situation keeps getting messier. reports that Vick is in trouble now that the Feds are running the investigation:

    “What can the federal government do to Vick?

    The USDA and other federal agencies will now be sifting through all aspects of his life. The dogfighting investigation easily could grow into examinations of his income, taxes and other holdings. If they find sufficient evidence, the federal agencies will submit it to the U.S. Department of Justice and then, possibly, to a grand jury for indictment.”

    At what point will Falcons realize that it is time to cut bait, regardless of Vick’s contract and salary cap? I say they should make the move now, see if they can get a serviceable QB (i.e. anyone but Joey) and then move Vick to Arthur Blank’s Georgia Force Arena Football team. I know. It is not going to happen, but one can dream.

  • I am looking forward to today’s US Grand Prix, but I wish FOX would go all out and give us some HDTV for today’s broadcast. I doubt it will happen since we did not get HDTV for the Canadian Grand Prix. I was disappointed that Speed did not make it into Q2, and I thought a Ferrari would make the front row. Are they struggling of late, or is Lewis Hamilton just making it look completely easy? It is hard for me to believe that he is taking it to Alonso, and making it look effortlessly in the process.
  • I have been able to watch some Le Mans; the first 30 minutes, a few hours last night, and an hour or so this morning. It is hard for me to get a feel for this one because my viewing time has been so limited. Too bad Team Corvette is not up front, and as usual Audi dominates. I was hoping that I would get to watch Jacques Villeneuve (driving for Peugeot), but I have only seen him outside of the car. Last time I checked, his team was running 11 laps back, in P3.
  • Today’s Michigan NASCAR race will be interesting to see if Junior gets some boos; not like I am going to watch the pre-race stuff, but I wonder how his fans are going to react. I am not sure why (i.e. in other words, I am about to make a guess), but I do not see a Hendrick car winning today’s race. Look for something a little different – maybe Mark Martin, Denny Hamlin (he is due), or maybe Kevin Harvick. I also think a Toyota will crack the Top 10.
  • I am going to write more about F1CE’s Evolution mode (hopefully later today). Great stuff. The concept is so simple that I cannot believe someone has not tried this before Studio Liverpool. Simple summary – run a lap with a lot of downforce, and then run a lap with less downforce. Compare lap times (including individual sectors and top speed). Which is better? The previous or current? Repeat and rinse as necessary. Like a trip to the eye doctor.
  • I decided to try Folding@Home again overnight. When I checked this morning, there was a network connection error. I am not sure if this was due to Charter, the PS3, or Folding’s network. The net result is that I left my PS3 on overnight, which nothing to show for the effort.
  • My wife had the kids give me Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (Blu-ray), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (Blu-ray), and the BD PS3 remote. Nice Father’s Day gift. I will have to report on these later this week. I have not watch a Blu-ray movie yet, and I have not seen any of the Pirates movies. High hopes for both.

All for now. Happy Sunday!


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