Rumbling Along

There are rumors aplenty going around that rumble is returning to the PS3 Sixaxis controller, yet no one from Sony will confirm that a new controller is imminent this fall.  Why?  I guess I am ignorant of all things marketing (kind of like I am ignorant of good beer), but I would think it would be a good PR move for Sony to announce that a new Sixaxis controller, complete with rumble, will be available this fall.

While watching the Braves/Twins games (Braves just blew a 2-0 and a great start by Hudson) I read a lot of rants about introducing a new controller.  Why would Sony offer some sort of rebate or refund for those of us with “original” Sixaxis controllers?  Why would Sony offer some sort of trade-in deal?  It is funny how we have such short memories.  I do not remember the year (let’s call it 1996) Sony introduced a new dual stick analog controller for the original PlayStation.  Shortly thereafter, Sony introduced the now famous Dual Shock controller.  No rebates.  No trade-ins.  Just a take it or leave it approach.  The Dual Shock because the standard controller.

The current Sixaxis controller is so damn light that I am all for a new version, complete with rumble support, because I assume it would be heavier than the current version.  Hopefully any new version would be backwards compatible with PS2 (and PSX) games, which would make the new controller a “must have” for me.


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