Ok, Ok

I just tried to find my last post on the mighty blog and had to go back two or three pages. What can I say? There are bosses to slay in World of Warcraft. My baseball teams can’t manage themselves. I’ve been busy playing games. And since I don’t have a site, review, or something else to pimp, I prefer playing games to writing about them. There, I said it!

Jonathan makes me almost want to run out and get a new Blu-Ray player that also plays games. Almost.

I’m still operating off of my laptop. I actually enjoy not being “jacked” in all of the time. I respond to emails and PMs on web sites as fast as the next guy. I may not turn on AOL IM ever again. I’m about to purchase a Samsung BlackJack, so that may all change shortly. My office is finally moving to Microsoft Exchange.

Games I wish I had time to play – Civilization IV and Lord of the Rings Online. There’s a small chance I could play Civ IV on a plane ride or sneak in a few minutes here and there. No chance with LOTR online. I don’t see how people can play more than one MMO game at a time. Or at least people with bills to pay.

Hope everything is Ok Jonathan!


One thought on “Ok, Ok”

  1. Chris, I think it is a wonderful problem to have – too many great games to play, and not enough time to play everything!

    Now that I have three kids, I think I have less and less time to play games, but when I do find something I like (F1CE), I have a great time playing and writing. I find both to be great ways to reduce stress.

    I am trying hard to cut back on purchases, but even with the PS3, I have one game that I play all the time (F1CE), one game that I just cannot get the hang of (Resistance), and one game that I have not opened (Elder Scrolls). Oh well … I guess it is only money.

    Thanks for the thoughts; everything should be fine. May post more later. Some people actually find me on this blog, so I need to decide how much info to discuss before I post anything.

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