Taste the lemon

I just got a burr up the backdoor after reading (and responding to) a post in the DSP forum about “must have” PSP games.  Are there really in must have PSP games?  I keep writing about my PSP dilemma, but to be honest, I continue to sour on my PSP.

I keep debating selling the system, but the resale value of the games suck.  I recently cleared (on eBay) just under $10 for last year’s Winning Eleven game, $15 for Colin McRae, and cannot even move last year’s MLB game for $5.  It seems like this is has been the same story over the last couple of years; the resale market for PSP games is completely depressed.

Winning Eleven 2007 and MLB 2007 are great sports games; as close to “must have” purchases for the PSP as I have seen.  Madden 2007 is also a damn fine game; pretty much a pint size PS2 game.  What else?  WipeOut is solid, Namco Museum’s analog controls are flaky at best, and a handful of other games currently collecting dust.

On my last UK trip I spent most of my PSP time with Pinball Hall of Fame, Lumines, and MLB 2007 (Vice City and WE were next in line).  Just seems unreasonable (and costly) to spend most of my PSP time with a pinball game.  WTF is wrong with me?  I still have not bothered to play Tiger Woods, which was a desperation purchase.  I do not even play golf (I am not even sure I like golf), but I was desperate to find something to play on my PSP.

Is it time for a DS?  I do not want to be in a situation where I travel with a PSP and DS, so this is going to have to be an all or nothing situation for me.  The question is can I give up my PSP, even if it means taking a huge loss on the hardware and games?  I am not sure if I can stomach the pain.  At the same time, how do I justify holding on to the damn thing?  I guess I am still holding out hope for some sort of killer app, but as the months go by, I am becoming increasingly blue in the face.


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