One F1CE Disappointment

Enough with the praise; the game is only multiplayer online.  Oh joy.  Imagine my disappointment as I setup a second controller so I could race with my oldest son.  I selected the multiplayer option and learned the hard way that multiplayer is only online or via a LAN.  I looked at the back of the game box, and sure enough, it shows 1 player (11 online).  Damn.

What sucks is that I got a free controller (the standard $49.99 Sony SIXAXIS wireless one) as part of my PS3 online purchase.  I was debating throwing it up on eBay; figured I could get at least $25 and I may as well wait until this fall for the new rumored controller with rumble support.  Now that I opened the controller, I doubt I will even get $10 for it on eBay.

I guess if that is my biggest negative with F1CE to date, I should not complain too much.  Still, it would have been awesome to see some 720p split screen action on my Sony BRAVIA KDL-40V2500.

I did just manage to place third at Indy, with aids off (except for weak stability), damage on, 10% distance, with scaled fuel use and tire wear.  Starting from 22nd makes the Quick Races fairly challenging (at least until I master the game).  I was in fourth on lap two after some, shall we say overly optimistic and aggressive tactics, when I killed my cone by breaking too late and ramming another car.  I was fortunate that was the extent of the damage.  I had to pit and it took 17 seconds before I was ready to go.  I have to get better at the button press sequence, because this ultimately cost me the race.  An early pit meant that my tires were fairly worn towards the end of the race, which made things touch and go on the last lap, but I managed to pull myself to a very respectable third place finish.  I lost by three seconds; a faster pit would have won the day for me.

Sure, maybe slightly on the arcade side, but from a simulation standpoint, if you do not hit the braking zones correctly or if you are overly aggressive on the throttle, you will spin (or just go off track), and that will pretty much ruin your chance at a victory.

I cannot state enough how much I am enjoying this game.  Last night and today I have been spending a lot of time at Montreal, but that first turn is a nightmare in Quick Race mode with damage enabled.  Starting 22nd, I have normally managed to pass a handful of cars going into the first turn, but things can get hairy (and very messy) there in a hurry.  If I can navigate the log jam, I have a decent shot at a good finish, but it is a fun challenge.


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