Resistance Fall of Man (15 minute impressions)

At this point there is not much to write, but I wanted to get something down before I called it a night.  First, the background story is fairly compelling; the alternate history seems reasonable to me.  Second, the graphics in 720p are outstanding.  Third, I am too damn old, slow, and uncoordinated to play this sort of game.

I spent about 15 minutes with this game and just could not get the controls.  I cannot get the look around with the right analog stick system down.  I got slaughtered a handful of times before I made it to the second area.  It was really more of the same with the second area, so I called it a night.  All that on easy level.

I think I am going to need some sort of auto aim or auto enemy lock feature to succeed with Resistance.  I will have to read the manual tomorrow (when all else fails, right?) or maybe look for some sort of FAQ with some control setup tips.

If there was ever a reason to rent a game, this one screamed “rent me.”  I made the purchase because there is not a whole lot in the PS3 library that I find attractive right now, and because the game received fairly positive reviews.  All that is well and good, but I have never been a fan of FPS, and I am not into online games or military type stuff.  Sounds like I set myself up for failure with this one.  I am not about to judge the game after 15 minutes, but I hope I can get the controls down fairly quickly so I do not feel like I threw $60 + tax down the drain.


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