Indictment for Vick?

This afternoon ESPN Radio is reporting that sources close to the Vick dog fighting investigation claim they have enough evidence to indictment for the whole dog fighting ring deal.  With that said, the sources stated that they were not sure if they had the required “smoking gun” to get a conviction.

Joey!  Joey!  Oh dear.  Oh my.

If there were some type of salary cap relief associated with Vick getting suspended, arrested, incarcerated, etc that could be the best scenario for Atlanta.  Vick’s contract has to be a financial albatross, preventing necessary roster moves and free agent acquisition.

I have a feeling that things are about to get pretty messy in ATL.


One thought on “Indictment for Vick?”

  1. This Vick stuff is growing more and more legs. ESPN (SportsCenter) just reported that AirTran Airways is not going to re-up Vick’s deal with the airline. The first in a flood of deals lost for Vick?

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