SEC Preview (Week 2)

Another glorious weekend is on the way for SEC football. This is the quickie version, so sit back and enjoy the abbreviated weekly preview.

Mississippi – Missouri
I do not like Mississippi, but I have to go for them for SEC pride. If Ole Miss manages a decent rushing attack, they may be able to pull this one off, but if not, they are going down to a Big 12 team. How bad is that?

(4) Auburn – Mississippi State
Cats and dogs do not mix, and the poor State Bulldogs are going to get the worst part of this mismatch. Auburn by 21.

Vanderbilt – Alabama
Vanderbilt played Michigan well early, but in the end they did not have the talent on offense or enough depth to really challenge the Wolverines. I expect this one to go pretty much the same way. Alabama will Roll, Roll, Roll to victory.

UCF – (7) Florida
While UCF may be a program on the rise, they do not stand a chance in this one. Florida will win going away; close early, but expect the gap to exceed 28 points.

Texas State – Kentucky
The Wildcats are always candidates for the SEC Shame of the Week Award, but Kentucky should be able to manage this one. Then again, Kentucky does suck.

Arizona – (8) LSU
I do not think LSU is a Top 10 team, but they will have this one under wraps fairly early. If not, this one will be a mild upset, but not as major as the guys on ESPN will make it out to be. LSU is not high cotton material. I will be seriously disappointed in a PAC 10 team puts a damper on my predictions.

Utah State – Arkansas
Arkansas will win, and all of hog-nation will think the USC game was an aberration. Something like that. Arkansas is the team I love to hate, but they will represent the SEC well with an easy victory.

Air Force – (11) Tennessee
An interesting match up, but do the Falcons really think they have a chance? Tennessee’s defense is going to be way too fast.

(12) Georgia – South Carolina
Georgia never plays well in Columbia, but the Dawgs have plenty of talent, and more depth than the Gamecocks. I expect this one to be close for the first three quarters, before Georgia pulls away by 10.


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