Sunday Updates

The Grand Prix of Monaco was more or less a let down, as cars paraded around the circuit lap after lap. Not sure why I expected anything less.

The Indy 500 is in a rain delay. I bet Marco is kicking himself right about now for not putting up a fight.

Maybe the Coca-Cola 600 will prove more interesting. I hope so, or else the racing weekend is a major downer.

If you noticed any erratic site behavior, I spent some of the afternoon making a few minor changes to the site. Most of the changes are cosmetic in nature, but the new Sphere link may be useful. The site has been upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, I added some new handy-dandy admin plug-ins, did some other miscellaneous housekeeping. Fun stuff I suppose.

I actually put in some time with GT4 today; first time I have played my PS2 in recent memory. I need to do that more often, but it has been hard to get into any sort of playing pattern of late.

I also spent part of the afternoon repairing (or attempting to repair) Tonya’s Dell Inspiron 6000 screen. The damn display is going bad; the bottom third of the screen freezes or turns some funky color. Most of the time I can press the screen in just the right spot to fix things, but today I just could not get the damn thing to display correctly. I took out all the screws and attempted to readjust in order to tighten the screen. So far so good. Maybe a bad connection instead of a bad screen?

More later. Maybe.


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