Latest And Greatest Eastside Hockey Manager

NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2005 was released last week. Once again, Americans need to go to extraordinary lengths to purchase a Sports Interactive product. We all know about the Worldwide Soccer Manager fiasco, better known as the game that was released but never really was. The previous version of the EHM series was available via digital download. The second game will also be available via downloadat some point in the future.

Yes, I know that unlike the WSM debacle, EHM can be ordered through and folks are getting the game pretty quickly. I just cant understand why Sports Interactive still isnt trying to get their products more widespread distribution in the United States.

The impending release of SIs Out of the Park Baseball really has me worried since the company shows no ability to get games to the United States in any coherent fashion. I can imagine a scenario where OOTP will be available in Sweden before it is in America.

We shall see


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  1. Hey Chris,

    I agree about SI’s distribution model, but I was able to get WWSM pretty easily… A quick Yahoo search brought me to a store in CA that had some, and I had it delievered by UPS within a week. It wasn’t that difficult to get a copy, but it certainly wasn’t as easy as going to Best Buy, EB Games, or Wal-mart, that’s for sure.


  2. I should have said, you can get the game "now". Weeks after the official US release, very few places carried WSM.

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