More PSP fun (PSX games on land on Japanese PlayStation Store)

Not that it helps me any, but according to Joystiq, PSX games (I hate the term PSOne) are ready for action.

We logged in to the Japanese PlayStation Store this morning and found nine PSone games available for download to our dusty PSP — and at only ¥525 (US$4.50) per title. The selection includes two volumes of Konami’s MSX Collection, the Director’s Cut of Biohazard, as well as “lost classics” Jumping Flash and Bishi Bashi Special (so that’s where we left them!).

Not sure what the heck ‘Bishi Bashi Special’ is, but I still play ‘Jumping Flash! every once in a while. It will be interesting to see how well some games sell because some PSX titles (even brand new ones from my ‘collection’) will not go for that much on eBay.


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