Week Summary

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. Real life sometimes interferes with free time. But theres still a bit to chat about, so think of this as a week in review.

Im happy New England was sent packing from the playoffs. Now maybe their fans will shut up for at least a few months. I remember the days when the Patriots were a very, very bad team.

Geoff and I joined an Alliance guild this past week. Were using Teamspeak to coordinate efforts with our guild mates and I am very impressed with the technology. It makes World of Warcraft an even more addictive experience, if that was possible.

The big discussion here in Central Texas is whether the Texans should pick Vince Young or Reggie Bush. I agree with the roughly 90% of the fan base that says the Texans would be fools not to take Young. Reggie Bush is not what the Texans need right now. If anything, an offensive line would probably help more than Bush, but Young could take the Texans to a level that David Carr probably will not. Even if Carr had a line to protect him.

Grey Dog Software released Total College Basketball. I just dont know why, but I cant get into text basketball. I tried Grey Dogs Total Pro Basketball and while the presentation is very slick, I quickly grew bored watching games unfold. Maybe Im just not that big of a basketball fan, so your mileage may vary.

PureSim released a new version 1.21 patch. This is the last patch for PureSim Baseball 2005 Gold Edition. Shaun Sullivan is talking about doing an open beta for PureSim 2006 for registered owners of PureSim 2005 Gold.

I saw the blog entry weve all been waiting for at Out of the Park Baseball Manager titled Online Leagues & HTML Capabilities but there is no article there as of Sunday morning. Arrrrrgggggg!


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