No ‘we’ in team, but an ‘I’ in Vick?

I just thought this quote from Vick was so interesting, that it had to be posted.

“Winning this game today put us in position to where we can move forward with some confidence,” said Vick, who also rushed five times for 40 yards. “The drive in overtime, we put it all together. Players have to step up. Jerious Norwood started it off with a great run [11 yards], and I kind of took it from there.”

Vick may be a team guy, but he never sounds like one. Vick’s final statistics were nice, but not great: 18 completions on 30 attempts, good for 232 yards, 4 TDs, 2 INTs. If you throw in Vick’s 40 rushing yards, on 8 attempts, Vick was 28 yards shy of 300 (total yards). Nothing to sneeze at, but not worth all the ESPN hype that will be generated as a result of the Falcons’ overtime victory over the Steelers.

I just wish that Vick could put together this type of game on a consistent basis, but it seems like we never know what we are going to get next. Last week I said that I see Atlanta going 7-7 with swing games against Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. All things being equal, the win over the Steelers gives the Falcons the potential of 8-7, so this Sunday’s game at Cincinnati is extremely important to having a successful season (9-7 looks better than 8-8). Of course if Philadelphia keep playing so poorly, the Falcons’ schedule may be a little easier than I predicted.


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