Another Silly Love Song

Not really, but it is another Friday night, and another drunken blog – hey I do what I can.

First, the number one spot this week is Aspen Edge. I know thinks it sucks, but it works well to chase a night of Harp and Shiraz. Besides beer flavored water rules.

What about recent music? I picked up New Order’s “International The Best of New Order” from iTunes. So I love me some 80s’ music; sue me, whatever. I am also in love with some Gwen Stefani pop; no apologies. I even downloaded some JoJo the other night, but I have to admit that I am a little ashamed to amid I paid for pop. I know Chris thinks it is pretty trite, but I am still enjoying the Killers – good stuff.

On the home front my pool room (AKA the garage apartment reconstruction project) is almost ready for me to do the refinish thing. Thankfully my wife is all about getting a pool table and a refrigerator full of beer to recoup some of the construction costs. I suck at pool, and never really played, but I am looking forward to building out the game room. Have to give a shout out to my wife; she actually suggested the refrigerator full of beer. Tonya is a great wife!

Renovating my grandmother’s house has been a heck of a learning experience. I am sure if she was still here my grandmother would be pissed about the wall we took out, but overall I would like to think she would be happy to have kids running and sliding on the floors again. I am pretty excited about moving into the house this fall!

Gaming has been non existent this week, but who needs gaming when the duckets are flying left and right for the pool room.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend of gaming!


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