Sunday morning, its just getting started.

I know people that talk about sleeping in on the weekend. As in sleeping past 9AM … maybe even 10AM. I think the last time I slept that late was on my second or third business trip to London. By that time, London had lost its luster, and after a week of work, I had nothing better to do except sleep as late as possible. Of course, one too many pints probably contributed. I have lost count of how many years ago that was.

My typical routine starts before the crack of 6AM. Yes, even on a weekend. I am what is called a “morning” person, so it is not surprising that years ago I completely pissed off my wife by suggesting that a lady at work was able to get her two-year-old in bed by 8PM, so WTF is wrong with you. Oops of epic proportions! At the time our only son was having problems getting to sleep be for 10PM. Boy, calling out my wife’s mommy-hood really put a burr up her ass, because the next thing I know bed times slowly but surely changed. To this day, all three kids are in bed before 9AM.

Of course the consequence of an early bedtime is that the kids get up butt early. Even on the weekend. With three boys, including a two-year-old who likes to stuff discs in the PS3, I have no choice but to be an early riser, but do I really have to be up before 6AM on a Sunday morning? To tell you the truth, it sucks, but I just cannot sleep late. I guess it is in my DNA; my dad was also an earlier riser. Besides, the kids will be up by 6:30AM (one just came into the kitchen as I was pecking away at this soliloquy). There is no way on God’s Green Earth I am about to light things up with another suggestion. Nope. I am not that brave. Or foolish. And I am certainly not willing to live the life on a monk for the next six months.

Thankfully a cup of the glorious black stuff is safely in hand. Not sure how I would get through the day without a cup or two of my favorite brew. Speaking of the upcoming day, it should be a fun one. I plan to get in a run before church, and I think we are going to get a box of Publix fried chicken for lunch. Man is that stuff good, diet be damned. This afternoon promises some NASCAR action and of course the Confed final. Does Team USA have a chance to pull off yet another upset?

Happy Sunday!


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