Memory Upgrade

I started to make this post another RBT exclusive, but I think I may have already played that one out. Sorry Chris.

My wife’s laptop now has 1,256MB or so RAM, so it should be good to go to actually play a decent game or three. My wife is happy that email and web surfing are noticeably faster, while I have seen a nice improvement with OOTPB 6.5 and 2006. I should know better than to actually try to scrimp on memory. Will not make that mistake on my next purchase.

The next step is to actually take the next step (so to speak) and buy some sort of PC game: Age of Empires, Civilization, or something along those lines. Or I may just realize that I do not know what the hell I am doing with OOTPB 2006, save my money, and figure that one out. Either way, surfing has never been faster.


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