Conversion Continues

We’re at the point where our league file can be converted to OOTPB 2006. I’ve decided that we’ll wait until the next patch is released next week to start our regular sim schedule. Patch 1.0.3 fixes some online league and other important issues, so no sense in rushing things at this point. Our biggest problems continue to be the contraction in OOTP 6.5 beause if we did decide to stay with the older version, our schedule is all messed up.

I will use as much restraint as possible to state that the views expressed by Jonathan Calvert concerning any beer product are his and his alone, and not the official opinion(s) of the Recycle Bin game blog! I figure I’d get that legal disclaimer out there so that my friends who read this won’t think I’ve become a fan of anything produced by Miller, Budweiser, etc. Shiner Bock is about as low as I’ll go!


One thought on “Conversion Continues”

  1. Funny about the beer. When you have to have a cheap one, you have to go with something extra dirty. Tonight? Ultra and some High Life Light? Last night was upper class staff – Harp. Well, as upper class as I typically get in the US. Travel in the UK is a different story!

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