Almost Forgot…

Today is National Lemming Day. Madden 2007 was released to various outlets. The lemmings rejoiced and purchased it. Now they are moaning and groaning in various forums. This year is highlighted by NLD coverage at, just in case you missed the ridiculous lemming pay-per-view event.

I’ll wait a few weeks and purchase the PC version. My brother must once again feel the pain of my Madden skills via the internet! That’s the only reason I buy Madden these days anyhow.

I think Geoff beat me once last year, so maybe he’ll want some Johnson Madden pain as well…


2 thoughts on “Almost Forgot…”

  1. Belive it or not, there is no lemming in me this year. I did not pre-order Madden or purchase it … not even the super extra special edition.

    Now I do admit that my better half picked up the DS version of Madden 2007 for Joshua today – happy 8th b-day. If I have some time with the thing, I will post some portable gaming goodness comments.

  2. I bought it because I got it for $37 and I committed to play in a league.

    I can get the value out of it over a few months. At least the time it will take up entertaining or more likely infuriating me — old bugs never fixed.

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