NCAA 2007

To answer a couple of questions, no I have not played NCAA 2007. I do not see the game in my future. A PC version would have slightly increased the probability to say, 3%, but right now there is zero chance I’ll get the game. My Xbox and PlayStation 2 sit in my family room as monuments to days gone by when I was forced to review games on consoles.

Besides, that’s what Jonathan is here for!

While Jonathan deals with real life issues, check out The Blog for the Sports Gamer as they show a classic clinical case of ADD by dropping OOTPB 2006 and picking up NCAA 2007 without missing a beat. If they like it, then it must be OK with the twitch crowd.


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  1. Chris, yesterday morning my dad lost his fight against lymphoma and CLL. I will not be posting for a few days, but in another week or so, I may have to take a run with Texas, which would have made my dad smile.

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