More OOTPB 2006

The new beta patch was released earlier today. I’m running a ten season sim as I type this – results at some point tomorrow.

Markus “Raging Bull” Heinsohn is still frothing at the mouth over the PC gamer review. I do give Marc Duffy credit for being restrained in his responses (except for the “mad as hell” incident) to criticisms, but I guess that is why he’s a marketeer or whatever Sports Interactive calls such fellows. Mr. Heinsohn seems to lack such social graces and is living in the fantasy land where the initial release of OOTPB 2006 was just fine, although it needed a few tweaks here and there.

Let’s recap the initial release. The AI by even fan boy measures was broken in many areas. Online league play was confusing at best and broken in other areas. Stats were inflated and OOTP 6.5 league imports were missing ratings.

HOWEVER (to borrow the “Raging Bull”‘s forum emphasis), one thing I will agree with that a poster in the OOTPB 2006 forum points out. While SI’s game was reviewed as initial code (or so it seems), Baseball Mogul and Puresim were not (or so it seems). Baseball Mogul was as broken as OOTPB 2006 when it was initially released, so I cannot believe the initial release code received an 81%.

Fair to OOTPB 2006 that BM 2006 (hehe, “BM” always cracks me up) was released in like November last year and had time to patch things? Probably not. HOWEVER, this wouldn’t be a problem if the initial release wasn’t – yes – broken.


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